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10 Monkeys


五指歌 - 上山打老虎



A Stray Tortoise


You can see why it fooled a pair of animal lovers. When Margaret Parker and her daughter Lorraine spotted a stray tortoise in their garden they raced into action.


They approached it carefully and, seeing it wasn’t moving, headed straight to the shops for emergency supplies of lettuce and tomatoWhen the poorly runaway refused to eat, they naturally assumed it had been injured by a cat or, worse still, scared to death. So they called the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre, near Wigton, Cumbria.

母女俩小心翼翼地靠近这只乌龟,却发现它一动不动,于是母女俩赶紧跑到商店里去买莴苣和番茄。可是这个可怜的小家伙还是不吃东西,她们就以为它被猫抓伤了,甚至快被吓死了。坎所以她们就打电话给布里亚郡威哥顿市附近 Knoxwood野生动物救援中心请求帮助。

It was only when rescue volunteer Pauline Adams arrived that the pair discovered the tortoise was not real. ‘I was worried it might have died,’ said Mrs Parker, 67. ‘But then the lady from Knoxwood looked at it, picked it up and turned it over. She said: ‘‘It’s not dead, it’s ceramic.’’ I was so shocked because it looked real. My daughter was trying to tempt it with the lettuce and the tomato but I did wonder why it wasn’t moving its head, and decided it was probably just frightened."


"It was about the same weight as a real tortoise, but when she picked it up and looked underneath there was writing on the bottom: Made in China."


Knoxwood founder George Scott praised Mrs Parker, saying: ‘She was embarrassed but she did do the right thing by getting in touch. A lot of these ceramic animal models can be very convincing.’


Mrs Parker has put the tortoise in a memorial garden at Carlisle Cemetery in memory of her late husband, Ronnie.


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